The name manav mangal is a mission statement. manav mangal as the name suggests is an effort for the well being of all especially children without any consideration of caste, creed & colour. Institution's motto - 'Stop not till the goal is reached' suggests that this effort is to go non-stop.

‘manav mangal' is not a mere name-tag. It is the courier of values of the institution it stands for.
It represents the institution
* where Quality Education comes First
* where every child is loved and cared for.
* where every child grows without any fear or favour.
* where recognition of merit encourages to dream big, to do big.
* where every child's inherent potential and inborn goodness are brought into play to make him tall in success and tall in human values.
* where institution's name and its secular environment inspires respect for all cultures and faiths.
* where teachers are more like models / guides / friends rather than trainers and instructors.
* where expectations of parents are respected and their opinions received with ever-open mind.


Start of journey:1968

During its journey for the past 50 years, manav mangal has stood the test of time, has built a fair name and has established itself as an institution worthy of trust.

first step forward
manav mangal Chandigarh started working during 1968. It was in its silver jubilee year 1993 that manav mangal at Panchkula started serving after being inaugurated by the then Chief Minister, Haryana.
a significant step to take education to Level Next On having achieved big at Chandigarh and Panchkula, manav mangal chose to expand its area of service to Mohali. Not only that : manav mangal dared to be different, decided to take education to Level Next, decided to turn HI-TECH : turn SMART and as a result came up Region's first TechSmart School in April 2007 in the form of

manav mangal SMART SCHOOL
manav mangal's Smart School Program at Mohali was an instant hit. A loud and clear message went across that Smart Learning was the basic need of today's education rather than an educational luxury. With this rose a pressing demand at our Chandigarh and Panchkula schools to bring in Smart Classrooms there also.
The call was respected and Smart Classrooms brought in place of Traditional ones at both the places w.e.f. April 2011.
To create awareness about the introduced change, a subordinate addition in the form of SMART LEARNERS WORLD was made to the respective names of the two schools.

another step ahead
manav mangal as a well-known daring doer took the lead once again by presenting Region's First TechSmart GREEN SCHOOL from April 2016 under the name

manav mangal SMART WORLD®
plan to deliver benefit of Smart Learning to many more
During its Golden Jubilee Year 2018, manav mangal has unfolded another plan to be of greater social utility. It has opened an
air-conditioned, TechSmart Junior School in Sector 91, SAS Nagar under the name

manav mangal SMART SCHOOL (Junior)

This Junior Branch - the 5th one will assist manav mangal
SMART SCHOOL, Sector 64, SAS Nagar to deliver benefit of Smart Education to many more.

........ a highly satisfying journey so far
manav mangal's journey so far has been really satisfying. The kind of trust reposed in the honesty of manav mangal's effort by the people at every step of its journey has been highly inspiring and heart-warming. The growth story of the SMART SCHOOL at
Mohali after its inauguration on February 10, 2007 by the then Hon'ble Governor of Punjab and the growth story of SMART WORLD at Zirakpur after its inauguration on March 5, 2016 by the then Hon'ble Education Minister, Punjab say it all.

a promising journey ahead .........
With its proud past as its inspiration, manav mangal has a pretty long journey ahead. It has miles and miles to go. On journey with the same old passion to perform, manav mangal seems to be destined to do much more during the years to come.


‘We’re glad that we have chosen this school for our child.
Monika Kataria
Mother of Kush

‘Thank you very much for the love, knowledge and sound foundation that my son got from the school. Salute to manav mangal SMART SCHOOL.’

Wg. Cdr. Rajeev Kishore
Father of Vartik Kishore

‘Thank you Ma’am for understanding my daughter’s needs.’
Majuri Jacob
Mother of Ibadat

‘Teachers are more like friends rather than instructions. Expectations of parents are respected.”
Gagandeep Kaur
Mother of Aashman Singh & Hawin Singh

‘manav mangal aptly balances the academic performance of the child with the overall personality development. The tiny tots of this institution are adequately exposed to the play way method of interaction which undoubtedly makes them excel in all fields.”
Nitu Kumar
Mother of Janvi Kumar

‘My daughter an Australian citizen has learnt a lot in this prestigious institution. I will always be grateful to you for developing Indian roots in my daughter.’
Sanjeev Sharma
Father of Anna

‘I wish to place on record the excellent co-operation extended by the school in helping us to cope with Kunal’s studies.’
 Wg. Cdr. M.M. Kulkarni
Father of Kunal

‘We are proud to get our child educated in such a school.’
 Amrit Pal Singh
Father of Arshiya

‘When children had left Mayor school, Ajmer, they were expecting to miss something. But manav mangal has done its best to fill the gap.’
Dr. Rajesh Choda
Father of Katyayani

‘manav mangal has been the best educational institution primarily due to faculty.’
   Ritu Gahla
Mother of Prateek Singh

‘I am happy to be a part of this school.’
 Urmil Madaan
Mother of Anushka

‘The  credit goes to his class teacher for his proper grooming.’
Jassay Anand Chadha
Mother of Dhruv Vansh

‘Our child is learning in loving hands.’
Harsimran Singh
Father of Simarpreet Kaur

‘Anshul is learning and getting eager to learn new things. Teachers are doing really well.’
Nipin Pahuja
Father of Anshul

‘I am sure of my son’s bright future in this reputed school.’
Kanchan Malhotra
Mother of Hiren Malhotra

‘Thanks to the management for providing such good facilities.’
Suman Kanta
Mother of Rajat

‘We are proud to be members of this SMART SCHOOL.’
Gurvinder Singh
Father of Gurnobr Singh

‘A good all round performance by teachers and children. Speaks volumes about the organizational leadership.’
Capt. Harinder Singh
Guardian of Meghal

‘Good to see overall development of my child.’
Arvind K.S. Chauhan
Father of Yash

‘Thank you manav mangal for your care and efforts.’
Rajvir Singh
Father of Upneet Kaur

‘She has become more confident, expressive and active in last 4 months.’
Vishal Bhatnagar
Father of Shaurya

‘I appreciate the efforts of teaching staff. I am thankful for their dedication and support.’
Paramjit Saini
Father of Pranika Saini

‘Thank you school! Asmjot has improved a lot.’
Kuljeet Singh Kapoor
Father of Asmjot

‘Great efforts by school administration and teachers. Excellent team effort. Keep it up!’
Amit Anand
Father of Aryan

‘Hats off to Manav Mangal.’
Rajnish Kumar
Father of Tushar

These generous observations and many more on record have been manav mangal’s inspiring influence. THANK YOU PARENTS!

A very Positive Energy school - very enthused with what it is doing. Blessed with right foundation. Wishing all the very best.
Sept. 04, 2018

Her Excellency Dr. Kiran Bedi
Hon'ble Lt. Governor, Puducherry

It is a great honour and privilege to be part of this historic occasion of the Golden Jubilee of the Manav Mangal group of Institutions. May your flag ever fly high and your students always do you proud. God Bless!
Jan 20, 2018

Hon'ble Mr. Justice Ajay Tewari
Punjab & Haryana High Court Chandigarh

It is the perfect opportunity for me to express my elation on visiting your school yet again. My prediction and assessment that the school would do gloriously well, has come true.
May 13, 2017

Smt. Kirron Kher
Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha Chandigarh

It was really very pleasant for me, to have this occasion to visit this institution. I heartily appreciate the way this educational centre is being run and managed. Students getting education here will be having a life's gift to be cherished by them.
Oct. 12, 2015

His Excellency Shri. Balramji Dass Tandon
Governor of Chhattisgarh

"………. Impressive and Excellent in every way".
November 25, 2012.

State Election commissioner, Haryana

"Great School, Great Children, More power and success to the school".
November 24, 2012.
Punjab &  Haryana High Court, Chandigarh

“I found manav mangal school as a rich repository of talented students, dedicated staff & visionary leadership….”
Nov 20, 2011
Ramesh Vinayak
Resident Editor, Hindustan Times Chandigarh
“ Manav mangal School- a perfect place to learn & grow.
Nov 19, 2011
Justice N.K. Sanghi
Punjab & Haryana High Court
“…… I have observed that the school takes lots of pain to inculcate the right values into the students……”
Nov 29, 2010
Deputy Commissioner, Panchkula
“……..a real sense centre of learning for our future generation.”
Nov 27, 2010
Punjab &  Haryana High Court, Chandigarh

“I was deeply impressed to see level of education and cultural program….The management is deeply motivated. I wish all the best to the school, especially leader of the team, Mr. Sandeep Sardana.”
Nov 16, 2008
Administrator, HUDA, Panchkula
“I was indeed very happy to be with manav mangal team. The overall performance of the team was outstanding……..Keep it up and all the very best.”
Nov 23, 2007
Deputy Commissioner, Panchkula

“My Congratulations on a very ambitious and exciting initiative .The Challenge facing us, now, is how to spread this culture of excellence and make it more accessible.”
Feb. 10, 2007
His Excellency Gen. (Retd.) S.F. Rodrigues
Governor of Punjab & Administrator U.T. Chandigarh

“My observation is that the secret of Manav Mangal’s success lies in being fair to its teachers, caring to its students and friendly to their parents.”
Dec 23, 2005
Joint Secretary & Regional Officer, CBSE
“I understand the school functionaries are committed to the wholesome and holistic vision of the child education……..”
Aug 21, 2004
Deputy Commissioner, Panchkula
“The efforts made by the school in the overall development of the children is praiseworthy.”
Nov 21, 2002
DPI (Schools), Chandigarh

“Manav Mangal School– a perfect place to learn & grow.”

Justice N. K. SANGHI

“The academic achievement of the students are commendable and deserve to be recognized.”
Nov 14, 1997
Secretary, CBSE, Delhi
“The school is doing a good service to the society and I wish Manav Mangal every success in future.”
Nov 27, 1995
Deputy Commissioner, Panchkula
“Impressed by the discipline and initiative amongst students.”
Nov 23, 1994
Home Secretary, Chandigarh

“.......the school has blossomed into one of the very fine educational institutions of the city……”
Dec 29, 1988
Advisor to the Administrator, Chandigarh
“……………. Hard working staff and disciplined children. I think the school has a very bright future.”
Jan 31, 1985
Finance Secretary, Chandigarh
A school with “TOTAL COMMITMENT.”
Hon’ble Mr. Justice
Dec 4, 1983
Punjab & Haryana High Court, Chandigarh
“This school is serving a noble purpose. I wish it a bright future.”
April 7, 1979
Chief Commissioner, Chandigarh

“Indeed a very good school for young boys and girls for all round good education.”
Feb 4, 1978
Deputy Commissioner, Chandigarh

“Manav Mangal School ranks as one of the good educational institutions in the city.”
Feb. 15, 1977
Chief Commissioner, Chandigarh

“The institution is really doing good service to the cause of education in the city of Chandigarh.”
Nov. 24, 1974
Revenue Minister, Haryana
“The school has made tremendous progress during the last three years.”
Nov. 14, 1971
Deputy Commissioner, Chandigarh

“The contribution made by Manav Mangal School is of great significance.”
April 2, 1970
Finance & Education Secretary, Chandigarh

“Real pleasure to visit the school after one year. It has come of age within this short period.”
April 28, 1969
Home Secretary, Chandigarh


manav mangal SMART WORLD at Zirakpur Upcoming from session 2016-17 onwards

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